4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Boarding Kennel for Your Dog

Going on holiday is one of life's great pleasures. You can take a break from daily responsibilities and work stresses and actually take some time out for yourself to recharge your batteries. But when you have a pet dog, going abroad becomes that much more difficult. If you don't have anyone who you can leave your pet with, you will have to put your dog in a boarding kennel like Dogdayz Country Club, but this is a big decision.

Planning The Purrfect Vacation: 5 Mistakes First-Time Cattery Users Make

If you're heading off on holiday, a cattery will give you the peace of mind that your feline friend is in good hands while you enjoy your break. Nonetheless, new cattery users sometimes make mistakes that spoil their pampered pet's first time away from home. If you're planning to use a cattery for the first time, avoid the five following mistakes that could spoil you and your cat's first time apart.

Why Do Some Cats Experience A Mild Stomach Upset During Their Stay At A Cattery?

A move from home to a cattery can leave some cats susceptible to developing a minor stomach upset for a day or so. If your cat experiences this while they are staying at a cattery, it doesn't mean there is a problem with the care they are receiving or how the cattery is being run. Staff at the cattery will keep you informed of any changes to your cat's health, and they'll call on the services of a vet if your cat's symptoms last for more than a day.