Planning The Purrfect Vacation: 5 Mistakes First-Time Cattery Users Make

If you're heading off on holiday, a cattery will give you the peace of mind that your feline friend is in good hands while you enjoy your break. Nonetheless, new cattery users sometimes make mistakes that spoil their pampered pet's first time away from home. If you're planning to use a cattery for the first time, avoid the five following mistakes that could spoil you and your cat's first time apart.

Forgetting to book ahead

Good catteries can quickly fill up, and some of the best facilities only have a few spaces available at any time. Before you book your holiday, make sure the cattery you want also has a vacancy, or you could face an unwanted dash to find alternative accommodation. Carefully consider drop-off and pick-up times, too. For example, if you plan to travel on a public holiday, you may need to make special arrangements with the cattery.

Failing to get vaccinations up to date

Most catteries expect their residents to have up-to-date vaccinations and flea treatments. As such, it's important to allow time to take your cat to the vet for a full check-up, especially if your cat is always indoors. Some catteries may ask you to show vaccination certificates, so check ahead to avoid disappointment.

Not packing a bag for puss

Even when you're on holiday, a few select items can remind you of your home comforts, and the same situation applies for your cat. Remember that a cattery is new territory for your cat, so it's important to pack a few items to help kitty settle into his or her new home. Take along your cat's bed, his or her favourite towel and something that smells of home to make it quicker and easier for your cat to settle in for a few weeks without anxiety.

Bad timing

It's always a good idea to take your cat to the cattery first thing in the morning, even if you do not leave for your holiday until the evening, as cats are prone to disappear, and this is especially true if you have an outdoor cat. Keep the cat indoors overnight, and then drop him or her off at the cattery first thing, or you could spend your last few hours before your holiday frantically animal hunting.

It's also useful to book the cat in until the day after you are due to come home, in case there are delays to your flight. Even if you aren't late, you can then spend time unpacking at home, so there is less to do when you bring your pet home.

Making too much fuss

A professional cattery will make sure your cat has everything he or she needs while you are away, so there's no need for a tearful goodbye. In fact, the longer you prolong your departure, the more anxious you and your cat may become. Drop your pet off at the cattery, say a fuss-free goodbye and then concentrate on your holiday or you and your cat may start to become tense about the experience.

Cat owners sometimes find it stressful to use a cattery for the first time, but there's no reason anything should go wrong. With good planning and attention, you and your cat can both enjoy some relaxing time away from home. If you have specific questions about boarding your cat, contact a facility like Welcome Boarding Kennels & Cattery to learn more about the services that might be provided.