Why Do Some Cats Experience A Mild Stomach Upset During Their Stay At A Cattery?

A move from home to a cattery can leave some cats susceptible to developing a minor stomach upset for a day or so. If your cat experiences this while they are staying at a cattery, it doesn't mean there is a problem with the care they are receiving or how the cattery is being run. Staff at the cattery will keep you informed of any changes to your cat's health, and they'll call on the services of a vet if your cat's symptoms last for more than a day. Here's an overview of three reasons your cat might develop a mild stomach upset during their stay at a cattery like Blu Ice Cattery:

Their Diet Has Changed

The cattery may provide high-quality food for their boarders, but if it's not the same food your cat is used to eating at home, they may experience a stomach upset as their digestive system tries to adjust to their new diet. You can prevent them experiencing this discomfort by providing the cattery with enough of your cat's regular food to last them until it's time to take them home. The staff will refrain from feeding your cat anything else for the duration of their stay, so consider whether you want to include a few of their favourite treats along with their food.

Moving To A New Home Is Stressful

The cattery will be a temporary home for your cat, but sudden changes to their living environment can leave them feeling stressed until they settle in. Some cats handle this transition better than others, but there are steps you and the cattery staff can take to make your cat's transition to a cattery less stressful. You can take a few of their home comforts along when you drop them off to help them feel more at home and surrounded by familiar smells. A blanket and a few toys are ideal, but you can also include something with your scent on it, such as a scarf. Ask staff what they do to settle new cats and how they manage cats who are struggling to adjust. For example, how much one-on-one time do they spend with each cat, and do they have individual cat bays located away from the noise of any nearby dog kennels?

Like Humans, Cats Can Pick Up A Virus

The cattery won't allow any cats to board with them without up-to-date vaccinations, so any bugs they do pick up from other cats should be mild and stomach viruses are typically short-lived. Ask the cattery what procedures they have in place for isolating sick cats, when they would deem it necessary to call in a vet and who is responsible for paying for veterinary treatment. If your own vet is local, you can request the cattery call them in the event of your cat contracting a stomach virus.

A good cattery will keep you informed about your cat's well-being and be happy to sit down with you and answer any questions you have about their operating practices before your cat's stay with them.